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What is a teaser post/thread?

What are teaser posts/threads, you ask? It is any thread that has a title where the content cannot be discerned.

The idea behind the anti-teaser rule is that teasers directly cause dupes. When you can't tell from the title, you end up opening threads you would not have, had the title been clear. and, as you did, you start dupes, not realizing that it's a dupe. You should be able to scan the thread titles and see if you're starting a dupe or not. You shouldn't have to open every thread. The anti-dupe rule is that people simply get turned off by seeing thread after thread covering the same territory, with, frequently, the same folk posting their opinions over and over.

The best item this site has to sell is its front page. The front page produces almost all the "eyeballs," and, thus, click-throughs. When the front page is cluttered up with dupes and teasers, viewing drops off, and advertising revenue with it.

Those who are repeat offenders are subject to having their posting abilities revoked for a period of time.

Examples of Teaser Titles:

"How about this?"

"You know you've seen it all when..."

"Everybody needs to see this"

"I don't know about..."

"Why is it a bad thing?"

Anything that only has Coach X as a title: "Coach Smith" "Coach Saban" "Coach Bryant" "Coach..."

"I would like to nominate...."

"Just for Kicks"

"Here's who we hire!!!"

"No Worries!"

"Good stuff..."

"The best move"

"On NOTICE!!!!"

"Chasing our tails"

"Just In Case"

"Why not?"

"Let's talk about..."

"What Happened?"

"Lord have mercy"

"Any Coaches?"

"Call me crazy but what about..."

"That giant sucking sound..."


"Check This Out!"

How do I refresh my browser?

From "Sure, you could clear your entire browser cache (in Firefox: Tools -> Clear Recent History), restart your browser, or go nuts and restart your computer, but most of the time that's overkill. Any of those methods could be worth trying eventually, but before you try anything more drastic or time-consuming just hold your Shift key and click the Refresh button in your browser (or press Ctrl+Shift+R [Win]/Ctrl+F5 [Win]/Cmd+Shift+R [Mac]; the keyboard shortcut doesn't work on Safari). While a normal page refresh (whether you click the refresh button or use the F5/Ctrl+R/Cmd+R shortcuts) still uses those cached files rather than re-downloading them, the Shift+Refresh clears the cache for the files in that page so that you're sure to be running the latest and greatest version of what that web site's serving. If That Still Doesn't Work?

A cache-overriding reload isn't a fix-all, but it is the first thing I tell anyone to try ("Hold Shift and click the Refresh button") when they're having a problem with a web site. If it doesn't fix the problems you're having with a web site, you've still got plenty of troubleshooting paths to exhaust (clear your entire cache, restart the browser, restart your computer, uninstall extensions, etc.), but it's a good place to get started.

What does 'TTT' or 'ttt' mean in a message?

TTT is a shortcut way of saying "To the top." This returns the thread to the top of the thread list so that others don't miss seeing the thread on a high-volume day.

Just another way of saying "Y'all take a look at this" ;)

I never received my password / How can I reset my password?

If you forget your password, you can click on the 'Forgotten Your Password' link on any page that requires you to fill in your password.

This will bring up a page where you should enter your REGISTERED email address, and an email will be sent to that address instantly, with instructions for resetting your password. Make sure you have staff@tidefansalerts and on your 'safe' email list. We will never spam you!

HOWEVER, some email systems - for whatever reason - reject our auto emails. If this happens to you and you never receive the automated email, send us an email to with the following info:


I have lost my passowrd and would like to reset it to the one below.
Here is my information to reset it:

My username: [USERNAME]
My registered email address: [EMAIL]
My Current email address: [CURRENT-EMAIL]
My new password: [NEW_PASSWORD]

Thank you.


What is the Message Board Member Status below my name?

The ONLY difference between Member status on the Message Boards is that BamaNation team members have posted more times. This is a quick indicator as to how frequent a poster posts:

Title & Number of Posts
BamaNation Scout Team 0
BamaNation Third Team 13
BamaNation Second Team 50
BamaNation First Team 250
BamaNation All-SEC 1000
BamaNation All-American 2000
BamaNation Hall of Fame 5000

Anyone with Citizen status is expected to understand and follow all of our guidelines and is usually considered a fairly trustworthy poster. We do retain the right, as always, to remove and lockout anyone from the site. It's only happened a handful of times out of 9500+ members, though, because of the way our Citizens regulate themselves. This is pretty much a TRUE democracy!

A Moderator or Administrator is a member of our voluntary team at TideFans who monitors the board frequently and has dictator status on the boards. What they say goes and should be considered as an official TideFans statement unless otherwise indicated by Brett (BamaNation) or Jess (JessN). If you have a problem with a member, citizen, or moderator, please let us know immediately!!

So, if you're only a Member, keep posting and make the coveted Citizen status today !!!

Why do I see "*****" in some posts / Why are words censored?

The bulletin board software has the power to censor certain words that may be posted. This censoring is not an exact science, however, so certain words may be censored out of context. Please realize that the censoring, if any censoring is being performed, is being done by a computer based on the words that are being screened. Words that are censored are replaced with asterisks.

Substituting euphemysims, symbols, or trying to fool the auto-censor by changing the spelling of a curse word will get you banned. Don't do it.

Privacy Statement for

This section has everything you need to know about how protects your privacy and the relationships we have with 3rd parties. The privacy of visitors to is important to us. At, we recognize that privacy of your personal information is important. This section contains information on what types of personal information we receive and collect when you use and visit, and how we safeguard your information. We never sell your personal information to third parties.

Questions or comments?

Any questions about the Mission, Purpose, Directives, or Guidelines for this site should be addressed to:
Brett Young
Founder, Publisher & Site Administrator

How do I change my email to a Google Mail (Gmail), Yahoo, or other free email?

If you want to change your current email to one of the emails that we normally don't allow (i.e. yahoo, msn, or any of the other free / anonymous email providers), then send BamaNation a private message with the following content:
Hi Brett.

I need to reset my email address.

USERNAME: xyz123username123
OLD email:
CURRENT email:

I have ## posts and became a member on MONTH/DAY/YEAR.



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